Trombone Quartet

Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut


The title for Et la lune descend sur le temple qui fut (Descent of the moon upon the temple which used to be) was suggested by the dedicatee, Laloy. Its illustrative effects are a perfect example of music that, by transcending the inherent technical prerequisites, a sovereign and creative interpretation can transform into a work of art.

Four for Four


A unique and wonderful sounding piece created for a double trombone quartet.
The stage set up is provided for this piece.
This was originally composed for the Italian Trombone Quartet and the World Trombone Quartet

Intermezzo for Trombone Quartet


Composed by Pietro Mascagni of Opera Cavalleria Rusticana and arranged by Nicola Ferro. Lyrical and singing, this brief piece for trombone quartet is sure to please your audience.

La sérénade Interrompue


La sérénade Interrompue (The Interrupted Serenade) is one of the more interesting pieces in Book I of Debussy's preludes, evoking both the flavors of Spain and the sounds of the guitar.
Mr. Underwood has beautifully arranged for trombone quartet.



"Minstrels" (Minstrels) The last of the préludes from Book I is a sardonic parody of the music heard in turn-of-the-century music halls. Crisp rhythms and "popular" harmonies punctuated by sharp dissonance anticipate elements in the music of Stravinsky and Poulenc. A GREAT arrangement by Michael Underwood!

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