trombone duet

A Friend for a Friend


A heartfelt piece for two trombones and piano. Be sure to perform this with a treasured friend.



A great trombone duet with full salsa accompaniment and voice! Truly a treasure to play. On Joseph Alessi's album, "Caliente."

Fuego Del Sol


A grooving trombone duet with latin band accompaniment! Wonderfully performed on Joseph Alessi's album, "Caliente."

Great Kai and JJ transcribed sheet music


Complete transcribed sheet music from "The Great Kai and JJ", one of the great jazz/commercial trombone recordings of all time. Contains trombone and rhythm section parts for all eleven tunes, including improvised trombone solos and chord changes.

With this sheet music, it is possible to play an electronic duet with either JJ or Kai, because JJ and Kai are panned hard left and hard right. Just place your headphones on only one ear, and you will hear just JJ or just Kai, along with yourself (plus a worldclass rhythm section).

CD available at

Jai and Kai


Another complete JK transcription! ("Jay and Kai" is the album with the big alphabet letters on the front.) "Jay and Kai" is also a complete transcription of all trombone parts, rhythm parts, improvised solos and chord changes.

Fully licensed and copyright approved, with residuals paid to the Johnson and Winding estates.

There is no commercial recording of this out-of-print recording, so feel free to plug your headphones into your computer and play along with the audio files below!

Duration: approx. 47 minutes. Music transcribed by Robert Elkjer.

Red Spain


This is an amazing composition for 2 trombones and CD by Mr. Nicola Ferro. It was composed for Joseph Alessi and Christian Lindberg. The accompaniment sound file is available for download above. Click the link above to download the full length version

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