Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur

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"Die Ehre Gottes aus der Natur" (The Glory of God in Nature) is taken from Beethoven's Gellert Lieder. "I came across this score when I was a student at Yale and quickly realized its potential in the trombone world. The block chords and strong unison harmonies make this piece perfect for the power and beauty of the trombone.
I began to arrange it for trombone in 2002 when I was member of David Chamberlain's trombone octet in New York City. This group meets every week and plays through a variety of trombone octets. It is a wonderful outlet for sight-reading, playing with other great trombonist in NYC, and to try your hand at arranging music for trombone. The group instantly liked my arrangement and I began to arrange many other pieces.
In 2009 my arrangement was discovered through Alessi Publications and was premiered at a concert in West Point NY, then at the Slide Factory Trombone Festival in Rotterdam with the Julliard Trombone Choir."
-Brian Mahany


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