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1st Suite from Earth Games 2012


"This 1st SUITE was composed for a recording project of original music by NICOLA FERRO for Summit Records called "EARTH GAMES 2012" in which performed by world-famous soloists such as Joseph Alessi, Andrea Tofanelli and Justin Clark. The project is was inspired by the prophecy of the Mayan calendar, Suite 1 articulates various musical genres of Funk, Pop, Dance and Classical."

Nicola Ferro

This first suite following the 2nd, 3rd and 4th suite.

Ensemble instrumentation:
2 Tenor trombone
1 Bass trombone
1 Tuba
1 Drum

Great music!

Chonda Music

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3 Tenor Trombones, 1 Tuba or Bass Trombone and Drum Kit. A lot of fun! About 10 minutes in length


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Innovative new work for trumpet ensemble. This is dedicated to the fantastic Italian Trumpeter, Andrea Giuffredi. Approx 3:43 For Solo Trumpet and 8 trumpets plus 2 Flugelhorns and Bass and Drum Set


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This is cool! Approx 2:49 min in length. For 5 trumpets, 1 Flugel, bass, and drums. Written and dedicated for Italian trumpeter Andrea Giuffredi.

Tribute to J.J.

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"That Old Devil Moon," "Yesterdays," and "Love for Sale" arranged for five trombones and rhythm section.
--Includes score, parts and rehearsal notes
--Individual tunes can be performed seperately
--Optional improv choruses included
--Subst. Tenor sax part included (for big band performance)
--Duration 9 minutes

"...Joe does me the great honor of 'Tribute to J.J. Johnson'. A very crafty arrangement by Robert Elkjer of 'Old Devil Moon', where he harmonizes my improvised solo for 5 trombones and rhythm section. Such a groovy arrangement. Thanxx again and again Joe! --J.J. Johnson

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