Trombone Choir

Gladsome Light

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A wonderful arrangement of Russian composer Alexandre Gretchaninoff's choral work. Rich harmonies and flowing melodies make this sacred piece an excellent choice for any trombone ensemble. Performed by the University of Alabama Trombone Choir under the instruction of Jonathan Whitaker.

Niry Fide Xemy


An exciting, massive new work for trombone solo and trombone choir! This 3 movement piece is replete with challenging time signatures, rhythmic complexity and engaging interplay between parts. A perfect piece for the ambitious trombone choir!

Trombone Ensemble Warm-Up

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See video

An ambitious compilation from Nicola Ferro, this collection of exercises is specifically written for 8 part trombone ensemble. Chords, slurs, and scales abound in this comprehensive warm-up routine.

Access the warm up audio support track using the video links above, or listen to/download it here:

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